Anderssen & Voll

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“The range of industrial culture from Røros to the plains of Venice is vast, and working closely with a variety of industrial partners is a continual source of inspiration for us. Design is an important means of cultural expression, and we draw strong motivation from seeing our work end up as relevant and tangible objects in the everyday world.”

Anderssen & Voll is an Oslo-based design studio headed up by Torbjørn Anderssen (b. 1976) and Espen Voll (b. 1965).

Torbjørn studied at the then Bergen Academy of Art and Design (1997/2002), while Espen attended the then Oslo National College of Art and Design (SHKS). From 2000 to 2009 they were involved in setting up and running the design group Norway Says.

The studio has 6 employees. All creative processes are jointly managed by Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen.

The other four members of the team have specialist expertise in 3D modelling in Rhino and Solidworks, 3D printing, full-scale mock-ups, technical solutions and production of working drawings. All our projects are built as full-scale models before realisation. We use this as a procedural tool to safeguard design quality, but also to ensure that neither our clients nor we ourselves encounter any surprises in the final phase of a project. Anderssen & Voll collaborates with important international producers such as &tradition (DK), Magis (I), Lapalma (I), Ariake (JP), Erik Jørgensen (DK), Kvadrat (DK) and Hem (S). We also want to mention that we are the biggest contributor to the Muuto (DK) collection.

In Norway we work with producers such as Fora Form, Håg and, not least, Vestre.

Since 1996, Espen Voll has been essential to the work of designing the product portfolio for Norwegian outdoor furniture manufacturer Vestre, and is one of the designers behind product series such as Vroom, April, April Go and Atlas. Consequently, we are very familiar with the requirement specifications for urban elements in public spaces. Anderssen & Voll also designed the Edo bench for Vestre.

Torbjørn Anderssen was employed as Professor II in furniture design at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) from 2011 to 2016.

Since 2015, Anderssen & Voll have been the driving force behind the Nedre Foss brand, a venture that has strengthened the studio’s insight into the value chain from rough sketch through to finished product in everyday use.

Key pieces:
‘Ugo’ for LK Hjelle (N) 2003 (Norway Says)
‘Coda’ for Kvadrat (DK) 2004 (Norway Says)
‘Plus’ for Muuto (DK) 2005 (Norway Says)
‘Mono’ for LK Hjelle (N) 2010 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Oslo’ for Muuto (DK) 2012 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Kipu’ for Lapalma (I) 2014 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Tibu’ for Magis (I) 2014 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Indoor Gardening’ for Mjölk (CA) 2015 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Troll’ for Menu (DK) 2016 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Saga’ for Ariake (J) 2016 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Sequoia’ for Magis (I) 2017 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Paperwood’ for Ariake (J) 2018 (Anderssen & Voll)
‘Pavilion’ for &Tradition (DK) 2018 (Anderssen & Voll)

The Bruno Mathsson Prize – Norway Says, 2004
The Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize – Norway Says, 2007

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