Khodi Feiz

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Every design is the end result of the designer's entire life: his or her successes and struggles, pleasures and pains. The final object is not just a chair or a sofa or a shelf, but a summary of the lifetime of preparation and experiences that led to the design.

Rarely has this been more evident than in the case of Khodi Feiz, who was born in Iran, grew up in the US, and in 1990 moved to the Netherlands, where he still resides today. In 1998, he founded Feiz Design Studio together with graphic designer Anneko Feiz-van Dorssen. The atelier's furniture, products, and graphics mix equal measures of poetry and function - clean lines and simple expressions combined with layer upon layer of underlying meaning.

For the Swedese 2018 collection, Feiz designed Pillo, a sleek stack of soft cushions piled upon other soft cushions to form the most comfortable armchair you've ever lounged in.

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