Kustaa Saksi

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At the core of all design, art and craft is the desire to tell a story. Being both a visual artist and textile designer, Kustaa Saksi sees himself as a storyteller, regardless of what material or medium he is working with.  Having grown up in Finland (born 1975) but currently residing in Amsterdam, his visual language is based in the organic, with distinct references to nature.

The detailed patterns create complex shapes, but with an element of playfulness, alluding to the design aesthetics of the 60s. 

The art of Kustaa Saksi has been internationally exhibited at galleries and museums, in places from London, New York and Berlin to Singapore and Bangkok. Among his clients are Nike, Issey Miyake, LMVH, Salvatore Ferragamo and Marimekko. For Swedese, he has produced the textile “Nature”.