Lars Pettersson

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Strong ideas, elegant design. The Swedish designer Lars Pettersson creates ingenious furniture with a modern, international idiom. Like the sofa bedJust, with a back support that can be adjusted in four stages. Apart from being perfect for half-lying and easily transformed into a sofa bed, it is surprisingly practical as a normal sofa as well. The beautiful graphic open centre between the seat cushions and back support means that dust and dirt are not collected there. The sofa is self-cleaning! 

Lars Pettersson was born in 1969 and train­ed as an architect and interior designer in Stockholm, as well as in industrial design in Helsinki. He runs his own company, Lars Pettersson Design studio, and works with furniture design, interior design, architecture and stage design for both Swedish and international clients.
Lars Pettersson has participated in many exhibitions and has won several prizes and awards for his furniture, including the Habitare Competition.


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