Mia Lagerman

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Mia Lagerman

Mia Lagerman was born and raised in Stockholm but Copenhagen has been her base for many years. Mia is an incarnated Scandinavian who believes in quality, functionality and aesthetics. Over the past 25 years in which Mia has worked as a furniture designer she has been able to position herself as a key player on the design scene with an award winning portfolio and clients such as Fritz Hansen, Skagerak, Swedese and IKEA.

Mia sees every design project as a problem to be solved and her work as a place of opportunities. She feels obliged to develop thoughts and ideas that has not been though before and that the key to finding solutions is asking questions – a designer’s eye never sleeps.

She moves easily between different fields of furniture and product design. Working big and small, with renewals, improvements and interpretations a sense for artistic qualities and innovative thinking are equally important. To Mia, designing is to use experience and curiosity to create a story of materials, expressions, contexts, details and gut feelings to uncover the clues and complete the puzzle.