Sofia Dahlén

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Things made for humans is Sofia Dahlén’s genuine long-term philosophy. She is a Swedish designer, living in London and designing furniture and interiors for our five senses. It may soundmore obvious than it is – to work for the end-user. And not just to think of the visualand function­ality, but also the tactile ...

For Sofia Dahlén it’s important that the materials are attractive both for the body and the hand. The armchair Solino, made for Swedese when she was a student, is a fine example of her humanitarian design. It has a cosy interior, soft and comfortable, like an embracing pair of arms to creep inside. The exterior is more austere and hard, like a shell that protects you from the outside world.
Sofia Dahlén was born in 1969 in Stockholm and received her Master of Fine Arts at HDK/University of Gothenburg. Since then, she has been employed at an architect office in Stockholm – on projects concerning everything from offices, theatres to private homes – and design­ing furniture, textiles and porcelain under her own name in London.

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