A tradition of sustainable quality

There was a time when sustainability was simply called quality. A time to be proud: of professionalism, craftsmanship, lines and materials.

When Yngve Ekström founded Swedese in 1945, quality was the most essential principle. The furniture would not only be beautiful enough to be loved for a lifetime but be able to be inherited from one generation to another.
70 years later we work on exactly the same principle.  We call our vision "pioneering easy Living" – a direct continuation of Yngve's chosen path, based on the man himself and the environment around him.

We know, of course, even more today than we did then. Over the years, new insights have broadened our idea of the concept of quality. It now includes, in addition to affirming the quality of human life, protecting nature’s diversity and defending Earth’s various ecosystems.

Call it quality or sustainability, or why not combine them together: sustainable quality. Yngve’s legacy is about creating things that last: for use in the here in now, and in ten years from now, and for your great-grandchildren.  This means we are the way forward.

Timeless Design

At Swedese we are tremendously interested in our contemporaries. It is of the utmost importance for us to be at the forefront of production technology development and to understand how society's many advances can be translated into a forward-looking design that leads to innovative furniture.

But our design philosophy is not primarily about trying to capture tendencies and trends that feel right at the moment but maybe wrong tomorrow. Instead, we adhere to our proven timeless aesthetics. With thoughtful details. With balanced proportions. With an unassuming simplicity characterized by sustainable quality in everything from design to material selection, and through all processes of craftsmanship and production.

Sustainable quality is no passing fad.  Our furniture should be able to be inherited by your great-grandchildren. Green might be the new black, but sustainable quality is always in vogue. A piece of furniture from Swedese never goes out of fashion. Striving for sustainable quality is an aesthetic principle that makes a piece of furniture continue to fill its function tirelessly, far beyond the whims of fashion.