Take care of what you have

A piece of furniture from Swedese is an investment in the future. With proper care it is not only an investment in your future but also your great-grandchildren's future. Regular cleaning and maintenance, such as re-tightening of screws and fittings, extend the life of your Furniture.

Heat and sunlight affect your furniture. Therefore, place the furniture at a sufficient distance from direct heat sources and where it is not forced to endure direct sunlight – the Sun's rays can also cause textiles with good light resistance to fade.

Wipe hard surfaces with a dry or slightly damp cloth. If necessary, use mild and environmentally labelled cleaners without abrasive action. Marks on the legs can often be erased with an eraser.  Keep hot and humid items, such as glass and cups, away from the furniture surfaces.

Vacuum soft surfaces regularly. Be quick to remove stains and spills. Vacuum the fabric as much as possible around the stain before removing it. If the fabric tolerates it, a mild soap or other suitable cleaning product can be used – first try it on a part where the fabric is not as visible. 

Leather must be protected against both liquid and sunlight. Dry daily with a dry cloth, occasionally use leather soap to clean thoroughly and maintain the leather. Any residue should be polished off with a soft cloth.

Dry the metal surfaces first with a slightly moistened cloth and then with a dry cloth. Occasionally, a mild and environmentally labelled cleaning agent without abrasive effect can be used.

Caring for what we already have is one of the most important steps towards a less resource-intensive economy. If you have any questions about how to best take care of your Swedese furniture, we will be happy to answer them. You can find our contact information here.