Materials that measure up

Oiled Oak. White-glazed Ash. Stained Beech. Walnut Wood. Rattan. Sheepskin. Wool. Leather. Aluminum. Steel. Our furniture is produced in genuine and solid materials that not only give a warm and snug feeling but also lasts for decade after decade.

Above all, we at Swedese work with wood. Wood and wood-related companies have always had great significance for Småland, and at Swedese we furthermore have that proud and responsible tradition by using certified wood in the right dimensions to reduce the proportion of waste.

We are restrictive of chemicals Wallpaper is made with water-based glue; By 2018 we will have switched to a moulding glue that is so environmentally friendly that it is not even classified as a thermoset. We also use water-based paints in our surface treatment as often as possible, 

The choice of materials is, of course, crucial for those who want to produce furniture of sustainable quality. We stop our furniture with environmentally approved and form-resistant polyether that meets the strict requirements of Möbelfakta, the Nordic Swan and the EU Ecolabel. Our steel undercarriages contain about 20 percent recyclable material; The aluminium parts can contain up to 80 percent reused material.

We review all of our raw material producers and complement them with independent evaluations through Certifications. Assessment Systems and Eco-Labels. This means that the materials keep - and that they prove their worth, even concerning their effect on the environment.