Social responsibility.
Taking responsibility is also a form of quality

Social and ethical concerns have always been important for Swedese. We take our responsibility for our employees and are also careful to check the working conditions of the external producers we hire and build long-term relationships with.

At Swedese, we place great emphasis on creating a positive working environment and a joyful working day. We are convinced that the pride that comes with the practice of solid craftsmanship is an unbeatable foundation for creating a safe workplace with good cohesion.

Of course, we follow labour laws and advocate for collective bargaining, freedom of association and other forms of interaction among our employees.  At the same time, we think it is self-evident to respect individual needs, see the individual for the person she is and appreciate the differences between the unique people that comprise Swedese’s staff.

In a broader perspective, we endeavour to work for human rights and against ills such as corruption, unhealthy or discriminatory workplaces and child labour. We follow the EU’s new GDPR law and strictly protect all personal and confidential information from our customers and business partners. Read more here.