News / Press releases.

February 11 2021
Swedese is launching a series of tables called Savoa in collaboration with Finnish industrial designer Sakari Hartikainen. The table is made of solid oak with sculptural shapes, that shows the characteristics of the wood. The design is characterized by playfulness and flexibility.
February 10 2021
Swedese, the Swedish design and craft company with local production in Småland and the world as a market, presents in the spring of 2021 a finely cohesive collection in an earthy color scale. 
February 9 2021
CEO Sonnie Byrling and marketing manager Elias Stenbergs talk about 2021 at Swedese.
March 19 2020
​Due to the fact that the Coronavirus covid-19 has been classified as a pandemic, we wish to inform you about the current situation in our organization and share the guidelines and policies we have decided to follow for now. We will be running our operations as usual, while increasing our...
March 11 2020
The UN headquarters, Palais des Nations, in central Geneva is currently undergoing substantial renovations. After a process that started several years ago, Swedish furniture company Swedese has been selected as partner and supplier of a large part of the furniture and interior decoration for the...
February 4 2020
The common theme for the news Swedese show during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 is also significant for the way we think about interior design. We believe in building multifaceted environments for versatile use, piece by piece.