February 4 2020

Shared Spaces and Crafted Objects – product news from Swedese presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

The common theme for the news Swedese show during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 is also significant for the way we think about interior design. We believe in building multifaceted environments for versatile use, piece by piece.

Amstelle easy chair, design Khodi Feiz

“Together they form a strong and consistent design for shared spaces.”

With Amstelle and Pillo, Khodi Feiz has created two distinct collections of furniture for public as well as private spaces. There is a family resemblance in physical appearance as well as in the ideas behind the two, and together they form a unity that covers the needs of any modern office space – providing suitable seating for individual work as well as meetings of all kinds.

Anna vase, design Anna Elzer Oscarsson

”The shape is sensual and interacts with the flowers placed in it.”

Inspired by nature's transience, Karin Boye's poetry and a desire to visualize the emerging signs of new life typical for spring, Anna Elzer Oscarsson has created the vase named Anna. With its organic form and aesthetics, it contributes to the natural feel of any room. The shape is sensual and interacts with the flowers placed in it.

Comma mirror and tray, design Mia Lagerman

”What’s the beginning and the end of a circle?”

In a series of mirrors and trays, Mia Lagerman has explored the possibilities of the circular shape. The details of the frame, similar to a comma, gives the product a significant expression and a direction. At the same time, the detail creates a function for the suspension of the mirror and the handle of the tray.

Figur table, design Björn Sundelin

”The idea was a feeling of a cafe that was never empty.”

Björn Sundelin was asked by the University of Linköping to furnish a part of campus, a new student café, with bleacher seating. Early in the design process, Björn had an idea for small tables resembling small figures, the idea being that it would feel like the cafe was never empty. The table was named Figure and draws inspiration from the silhouette of a student sitting on a bench.

Pile lamp, design Matti Klenell

”Sculptural shapes, filtering the light as it passes through.”

Pile was originally developed for the restaurant at the new National Museum in Stockholm. The idea for the lamp comes from Matti Klenell's first visit to the Swedese factory. He was fascinated by the skilled craftsmen's labor in the workshops, somewhere between crafts and industrial production. The results are molded elements, stacked into sculptural shapes, filtering the light as it passes through.

Blanket Fanér and Y, design Synnöve Mork

”The blanket is a link between man and furniture, at the same time warm and soft.”

After spending many summer evenings in her Lamino in the summer house on Gotland, Synnöve Mork was familiar with the classic curve. The seating line and the y-shaped armrests inspired the pattern on the new blanket, Y. Fanér is a result of the Swedese factory's piles of wood veneers. Its pattern finds inspiration in the craftsmanship and care in every detail, the sheets that form layers upon layers and the stripes that becomes a pattern. Synnöve sees the blanket as a link between man and furniture, at the same time warm and soft.

Mirror, design FRONT

“A Born Classic made of scrap wood.”

FRONT were invited to Vaggeryd to make something nice and useful from all our offcuts, a characteristic project for the Swedese Studio. Pieces of scrap wood were recombined and quickly glued into a new prototype. The result – Mirror – is made from the seating curve cut-offs of Yngve Ekström’s classic Lamino chair and winner of the Born Classic design award.

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