February 11 2019

Swedese launches design collaboration with Norwegian designer duo Anderssen&Voll, Swedish architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune and international designer Khodi Feiz.

Swedese launches design collaboration with Norwegian designer duo Anderssen&Voll, Swedish architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune and international designer Khodi Feiz.

During Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019 Swedese will showcase the results of a creative year in which the company continues to develop and manufacture new furniture together with internationally renowned and successful designers. Craftmanship and sustainability are a given for Swedese who now even launch a small collection of limited furniture made from the production’s waste material.

Swedese launches a new design collaboration with Norwegian designer duo Anderssen&Voll.

“The sofa Novell is directly inspired by our visit to Swedese’s manufactory in Vaggeryd. Being in the middle of a pine wood forest the building itself seems to be shaped with the same ideals that were introduced in the middle of the last century – solid elegancy and open simplicity. We interpreted this into a pretty sofa with clear references to Swedish modernism.”, says Norwegian design duo Anderssen&Voll.

The sofa has a distinct and straight-lined exterior, combined with a softer, well rounded interior which gives a laidback and relaxed incline. The seat rests on a frame in two different heights in order to be used in both a private as well as a professional setting. The sofa’s frame is available in wood or steel and Novell is available as both a two-seater and a three-seater sofa as well as an armchair.


Swedese presents a new collection with Claesson Koivisto Rune.

The table Atlas was specially designed in the fall of 2018 for the bar ”Portal” in Stockholm as a part of the bar’s architecture, signed and designed by architect and designer trio Claesson Koivisto Rune. The original tables were produced out of Swedish oak and galvanized steel in order to function both inside and outside. The table was the beginning of this series that now is expanded with stools, benches and tables in different variations as well as coat-hangers. The design is distinctly robust in order to handle harsh treatment and contrasts the slender table-legs with the bent legs reminding of the legs of a dancer.

The collection’s name stems from the district east of Sankt Erik’s Bridge, Atlas, which at the turn of the century was a heavy industry area with large height differences. At the beginning of one of the area’s characteristic staircases lies the newly opened bar “Portal“.

“I believe the curvy form makes Atlas humorous and romantic in all its austerity”, says Eero Koivisto, one of the founders of Claesson Koivisto Rune.

“It reminds me of the 20th century’s Shaker furniture, though highly stylized here”, adds partner Ola Rune.

The design is characterized by the dancing legs that underline the collection’s personality, which also shows in the variation of colours, finishes, materials, sizes and forms. Atlas works well in both home environments as well as public environments and is also suitable for outdoor use.


Swedese presents its second collection with Khodi Feiz.

Amstelle is the name of a collection of chairs, armchairs, stools and puffs with a distinct and clear expression, designed by Khodi Feiz. They fit well into a modern office, spacious lounges or other public settings as well as homes.

The inspiration for Amstelle initially came from a certain flow in the design process that reminds of winding rivers and streams. Especially the Dutch river Amstel made an impression and gave a signature to this new series.
”I was intrigued by the unique wood-bending-technique that Swedese have mastered to perfection and combined with all the different manufacturing processes that Swedese offer, it became a perfect combination for this collection”, says Khodi Feiz.


For Swedese sustainability is a must and a most important topic. The sustainability service ”Swedese Repair” where upholsterers are trained to repair and update beloved classics as an alternative to buying new furniture has been a great success since its launch in 2017. Completely in line with the company’s mindset on sustainability a workshop was held in Vaggeryd, where the designers Thomas Sandell, Front and Monica Förster attended. The mission was to create new products out of waste material that were left over from the production that otherwise would have been used to heat the factory. For two days the designers worked intensely in the factory dressed in aprons and using the band saws and sanding machines. Six prototypes - stools and chairs - were presented on a bed of moss as a result at last year’s furniture fair.

Since then the products have been developed further and refined in order for Swedese to now present three of these that are going to be sold as a signed edition.

The stool was made out of left-over oak wood for the classic Lamino-armchair. The seat is lined in leather which also is made out of left-over surplus material and is combined with contrasting colours which gives it a modern and elegant expression.

Design duo Front have designed a small two-story-table that resembles a cookie plate with handles. The curved legs and handles are surplus from the characteristic bent wood that is used for example for Lamino. The first product in this ”waste-series”, the almost bowl-like mirror that was shown at last year’s fair has now been remodelled and got a new dimension with a lower edge. The form itself is curvy and playful and has distinct references to Swedese’s big classics, from whose surplus material it is partially made.

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About Swedese:
Swedese is a family-owned Swedish furniture company founded in 1945 by Yngve Ekström and his colleagues. Today the company is owned by Anna Johansson and Julio Patino. All their furniture, for both domestic and professional environments, is manufactured in Vaggeryd and Äng using top-level craftsmanship that has been developed over more than half a century. Thoughtful and strong designs are translated into furniture with minimal environmental impact that should last at least one lifetime.