February 9 2021

Swedese plans for 2021

CEO Sonnie Byrling and marketing manager Elias Stenbergs talk about 2021 at Swedese.

Sonnie Byrling, CEO

We see a fantastic demand for Swedese’s products at the moment, and we find ourselves in a period of growth. Our greatest challenge today is to provide all our customers with the best delivery service possible, despite current circumstances in the world. One of the projects we are involved in, is a major delivery to the UN headquarters in Geneva, involving production and delivery of furniture for the Department of Human Rights. This is an exciting project that really answers the question why Swedese exists – “to create a better life for people, in a sustainable world".

It is equally rewarding to follow the development of our newly opened Swedese branch in Norway., Month after month, our Norwegian team manages to increase our sales, thus establishing a stable platform for our future in Norway.

Furthermore, thanks to our colleagues in the marketing function, we are finally able to reach our customers through a completely new communicative platform, with the capacity to offer both inspiration and information. Primarily through our digital channels, we can now provide improved images as well as a refined assortment structure.

Elias Stenberg, marketing manager

Over the last year, we have carried out extensive work with the Swedese brand, covering everything from how we express ourselves in words and images to how we categorize our range, all the time with a focus on the future and a clear connection to our roots. This work is the basis for, and enables, 2021's most important marketing efforts.

In 2021, we will have an increased focus on communication and digital development, which means, among other things, that we will be able to distribute product information and images in completely new ways. With an increased online presence, our goal is to get closer to our customers, partners and retailers. A clearer segmentation between our two business areas, Professional and Living, new and relevant visual material, as well as an improved presentation of our range are a few examples of what our work will result in, we believe and hope it will be useful to many.