Synnöve Mork

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I’m probably best known for my stripes and checks and a simplicity.

Over the years, I have designed hundreds of textiles in colorful scales as well as in a more sober designs for major clients such as Ikea, Linum and Åhlens among others. Many of my products are found all over the world.

I work with large and small collections and often in concept. One example is when I designed the bed, mattresses and pillows and quilts for Ikea. A complex task that would be both functional, affordable and suitable for many people. The assignments are many and cover all parts of the home. Textile is so much more than a material, it is more like a feeling and a style marker.

The textile skills comes from my grandma, but the ideas and graphics from my dad and mom who were both creators.

Synnöve was born in Gothenburg but grew up in Stockholm and studied art and textile in Nyckelviksskolan and Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

As an exhibition architect I have mainly worked with inspirational exhibitions at fairs and museums in Stockholm, Milan, New York and London. Together with talented garden architects , I have also been able to create rooms in gardens.